About my work:

In the late 1970’s  through the 1990’s Tessa was up to her elbows in Cowboy Art.  She did many etchings and monotypes, as well as drawings, collages and paintings.  She also did landscapes in many mediums.   You will see a variety of pieces as she adds them to this site a few at a time.

This is sort of a journey into my past,  but then I have found myself doing a few new piece that add to this collection. Many of you own pieces from one series or another,  so join my email list for updates

Tessa attended Kansas City Art Institute in the late 1970’-1981.  She lives in Jackson Wyoming.

All Images are Copyrighted by Tessa Johnson. All rights are reserved

Artist Resumé

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An Artist Changes Course:
Around the year 2000, Tessa began to explore new directions. 


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